why croon?

croon is chemical free
ditch the chemical formulas for a kinder approach that harnesses the natural skin-loving properties of water
croon works
skin specialists* tested us out under dermatological conditions and confirm our skin-loving status
dermatest certification
croon is simple
clean and clear skin with just croon and water. Nothing else. Removes all of your makeup quickly and easily
croon is plastic free
croon packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, we don’t use a drop of plastic packaging from design to delivery
croon is sustainable
there’s no harm done in the making or using of each croon fiber, we have the Oeko-Tex 100 label to confirm it
croon upcycles
when your croon fiber has worked its magic send it back to us and we’ll ensure it goes onto a 2nd life in the textile after-care world

world recognized certifications

Special textile processing technology certified by the Austrian government and ISO
Acquired OEKO-TEX certification by passing the hazardous substance test of the most stringent standards in the world
Obtained the highest grade (5 stars) from DermaTest, a German dermatological research institute
It is operated by using renewable energy such as hydro, wind, solar energy, and manufacturing environment that minimizes carbon dioxide emissions.