Unveiling Taiwan’s Hidden Semiconductor Giants


Taiwan’s bustling semiconductor landscape boasts over a thousand companies, many of which remain relatively obscure to those outside the industry. While global recognition typically eludes these players, a notable exception arises in the form of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), founded in 1987. Yet, even TSMC’s renowned status emerged relatively recently, along with that of its billionaire founder, Morris Chang.

  1. The Few in the Limelight: TSMC and Beyond

Taiwan’s semiconductor universe comprises several discreet entities, with only a handful gaining international fame. Among them, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) stands tall, securing the second spot among the world’s most valuable semiconductor companies, trailing only Nvidia. Despite this prominence, Morris Chang, TSMC’s founder, remained in relative obscurity until recent years.

  1. Taiwan’s Quiet Semiconductor Powerhouse

Behind the scenes, Taiwan’s semi’conductor sector thrives, forming the bedrock of modern technology. In fact, semiconductor chips rank as the world’s fourth most traded commodity, surpassed only by crude oil, motor vehicles, and refined petroleum. Their prevalence spans every facet of modern life, with an average car alone boasting 1,400 semi’conductors.

  1. Taiwan’s Niche in the Global Market

Taiwan’s semiconductor industry commands a considerable 18% share of the global market, closely trailing the U.S.’s dominant 39%. In 2022, the industry contributed a staggering $170 billion in revenue, a noteworthy figure compared to the U.S.’s $378 billion, as reported by the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute.

  1. The Unsung Heroes: Founders of Taiwanese Semiconductor Firms

Despite their monumental contributions, the founders of Taiwan’s elite semi’conductor firms often operate under the radar. The majority of these pioneers and significant stakeholders prefer maintaining a low profile, entrusting professional management rather than familial succession. This ethos has garnered favor among foreign investors, reflected in their substantial ownership stakes in the industry’s key players.

  1. A Glimpse into the Influential Few

While many remain obscured, a few emerge from the shadows into the limelight:

  • The Chang brothers of ASE, the world’s largest independent semi’conductor testing and packaging company, claim the title of Taiwan’s wealthiest semi’conductor company founders.
  • Tsai Ming-Kai, chairman of MediaTek, leads one of the largest wireless chipmakers, shaping the technology landscape with chips that power billions of devices globally.
  • Morris Chang’s legacy transcends wealth, wielding unmatched industry and political influence, positioning TSMC as the world’s largest foundry.


Taiwan’s semiconductor journey was steered by pioneering visionaries like Morris Chang, who transformed the island into a global silicon powerhouse. Their foresight birthed the contract chip-making industry, positioning TSMC as Asia’s most valuable company and a global leader. As these visionary entrepreneurs embraced challenges and reshaped industries, Taiwan seamlessly transitioned from a technological backwater to a thriving democracy, all while leaving an indelible mark on the world of semiconductors.


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