I’ve been using these for about 4 years and I absolutely love them. They get all of my makeup off and my skin has never been better. I also have eyelash extensions so not having to use cleansers on my eyes makes a big difference as to how long they last. They are also fantastic for removing kids face-paint! You no longer have to scrub, it just wipes away. The fact that you can reuse them is great - throw them in the laundry bag, wash them and they’re all ready to use again!
I've been using the cleansing fibers to remove my makeup for the last few months and love how easy it is! I never have to buy other makeup remover, since I can just use my croon fiber with water which is a life-saver for me and my budget! It's also gotta be good for the environment now that I'm not throwing away tons of makeup wipes a week and am reusing my croon fiber daily.
I love the Croon for removing my makeup! It works amazingly. If you've ever tried a micro fiber cloth to wsh your face it's similar to that. They aslo have one for exfoliating which works well too. I usually use the Croon a couple of times and in between uses I wash it with soap and water. You can also throw them.in the wash. I really like these a lot!
Skincare and clean ingredients are both so important to me. I’ve had my own skin concerns in the past, which led to my passion for skincare, but makeup wipes were a product I could never find with clean ingredients. I’m not into using balms or oil cleansers to take my makeup off- I just don’t like the feeling of mixing my makeup with a liquid and rubbing it all over my face to then get it off my skin, so I continued to use countless makeup wipes. Croon has changed that completely! I love that the cleansing one is so gentle, but really feels like it gets my makeup off, or just helps clean my skin better than my hands alone. I’m not big on cleansing tools, so these are also perfect for me! These cleansing fibers are truly AMAZING! 🙌🏼
I have always struggled with breakouts and skin issues my entire life so I have to be very careful with what products I use and what I put on my face. After switching to Croon fibers my face cleared up and has never looked better! They are super gentle on my skin and take my makeup off easily. I have eyelash extensions and I can’t just put water all over my face so these are the perfect size to get around my eyes. They come in the prettiest colors and you can easily pop them in your travel bag to take with you anywhere. Also my kids love them because they are incredibly soft and aren’t too big like a normal washcloth and they are great for the environment which I love teaching them about. Croon is now one of my essential beauty items on my bathroom counter!!
As a long time acne sufferer, I tried everything on the market, until I found Croon. Saving money and the environment is a bonus, but the best thing for me is that Croon is the only product I have ever used that leaves no nasty residue on my face. By using a mechanical cleanse rather than a liquid product cleanse, I can remove all my makeup in one go and my skin has cleared up so much. I wish I had croon in my teenage years, Life would have been so much easier.
The just croon microfiber cleansing pads are true miracle workers. They, with just water remove all my make up including stubborn waterproof eye makeup. The fibers are soft, gentle and the pads themselves are incredibly durable and well made. The quality is impressive. I especially love the different textures of the pads, as one is for gentle cleansing and one is for an exfoliating cleanse. Both you'll find are gentle. The pads are perfect for an earth conscience beauty lover.
Not going to lie, I was beyond sceptical about a make-up remover / cleanser that worked with water only. I mean really, you can remove waterproof mascara? Puh-lease!! BUT my friend had an extra and instisted I try it, she said just wash half your face with it and compare. OH MY GOODNESS!! It was phenomenal. I came out of the bathroom to her with my jaw dropped and her just smirking "I told you". You will not regret this purchase, I had tried other reusable cloth cleaners but nothing compares to this. Worth every cent,and you help the environment. What more could you want?
I rarely leave reviews but I had to take a moment to say that I LOVE my Croon Essentials Kit! I have sensitive skin and when I wash my face with my Croon and water I remove make-up without putting harsh chemicals on my face like I used to with those disposable wipes. I have recommended Croon to all of my friends as I LOVE their products and their messaging. So glad I tried them. GO Croon!
I was looking for a simple solution to removing my make-up and exfoliating my skin. Just received my Croon starter pack and so far I am completely obsessed with this product. I love how I am able to remove my make-up with just water. It's simple and good for the environment. I've tried other competitors but Croon's quality is better than the cheap versions I've used. You have me as a customer for life!
Not only is it amazing to be able to reduce my waste but my skin feels amazing after switching from make up wipes. I don't get that horrible gunky feeling on my skin with croon, it feels like everything is just taken off They're lasting so well too. Will be getting croon as presents for my girlfriends birthdays
THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME EVER. like seriously, i tossed all my other cleansers this stuff works TOO WELL. You can cleanse and remove all makeup with just water and then exfoliate to deep clean with the other fiber. best part is you just toss them in the bag, wash, and boom, reuse it a million times. i travel a bunch for work and GONE are the days of a million face wash/makeup remover bottles. take that TSA! makes my life so much easier and i save so much money on skincare. Thanks Croon i love u!!!
I initially tried Croon because I fell in love with your story - chemical free and plastic free. I am now completely and utterly sold! It is magic on my skin, cleans and exfoliates so well and is so so easy to use. My 12 year old daughter (with teenage acne issues) is convinced that is responsible for clearing up her skin! Croon is perfect for sensitive skin! I truly believe that this is the future in skincare and have been singing its praises to all my friends!! I have fallen in love with Croon completely. Not only is it perfect for my skin but it ticks all boxes in terms of saving money, and sustainability. Thank you Croon! CROON WITH CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND IS THE FUTURE!!!
At 60 I started using Croon and immediately saw the results of not using cleansers on my face. 5 years down the track I am convinced this product has helped me retain precious oils and moisture in my skin. It promotes a natural glow and lets my face hit the pillow each night feeling soft and perfectly clean! I get regular comments about how great my skin looks for my age and I know it is the 'Croon effect". Awesome product at an awesome price!
I was skeptical when I first heard about Croon. I am a long time user of makeup wipes, but have always been left with raccoon eyes afterwards. I just assumed that was a part of life and figured that removing mascara from under my eyes was a step in my night time routine. I WAS WRONG! These things are life! Removed all of my makeup without rubbing, tugging, or cleanser. I would give them 10 stars if I could
I seriously love the Croon Makeup remover! You can reuse it so many times, with just tossing it in the washing machine. There is no chemicals at all, and saves so much money from buying hundreds of makeup wipes! Great product!
I LOVE CROON. So simple, but so effective. I was so surprised, how easy it was to clean my face with Croon pads. Highly recommended! So great to find a product that is thinking about our environment too! Easy to clean too (chuck them in the washing machine which comes with their own bag). Winning!
I purchased my croon at beauty con this past Saturday and it has cut my beauty routine in half and simplified my routine. If you are looking for less clutter on your beauty shelf and less chemicals on your face croon is for you. I am recovering from a break out where every type of cleanser can be irritating to my face, so the fact that the croon just needs water is a plus. It’s reduces irritation on my skin and the chance of any of my skin care products reacting with eachother. Totally worth it! And recyclable?! I was told it’s good for 200 washes .
I absolutely love my little croon! It takes all my makeup off really smoothly, even my eye makeup! I was worried that it wasn’t going to be able to remove my mascara, but it takes it all off! It’s soft and I barely have to scrub my face with it and then it’s super easy to clean! I take my makeup off over the bathroom sink and then afterwards just wash my croon with hand soap. I definitely would recommend buying this if you’re looking for a better way to take your makeup off. I travel for work and I’m on the road about 9.5 months out of the year so I remove my makeup on the road very often. I always used either elf makeup remover wipes, or Up & Up’s eye makeup remover and cotton pads. I didn’t love having to refill my stash of cotton rounds after about every 3rd trip because sometimes I’d forget, and once I learned how bad makeup remover wipes are to the environment I knew I wanted to switch to something new. I’m so happy I decided to get this product, it makes traveling so much easier. And the fact that it came with two is perfect because I can leave one at home and one in my suitcase! Overall I love croon! Thank you guys for making a great product that helps the environment AND makes my job easier!
Better for your skin Better for your wallet Better for the environment It’s a no brainer for me
I have been looking for an eco friendly solution to makeup wipes because I want to help the environment in any way I can. I think Croon could be the solution!! These amazing rounds remove all of my eye makeup and mascara, and the best part is that they are machine washable so you can reuse them!! Not only are they helping the environment, but also my wallet because they are reusable.
I am so in love with the croon cloth wash! My skin feels and look amazing!!!! Thank you so much for creating these amazing pads! I also love the fact that they are helping the environment! Highly recommend them!!
These face fibers are absolutely incredible! I look forward to using them both in the morning and at night and love how clean and bright my skin has been since I've been using them, plus they're so easy to travel with! I love the sustainability factor as well - being able to re-use them so many times then send them back is amazing. Absolutely recommend!
Ever since the moment i got it i have been using croon religiously! It takes off my makeup so quick. When i take off my eye makeup i don’t have to worry about products going in my eye because it’s just water. I love this product so much.
I don’t miss my disposable cleansing wipes one bit since I switched to croon. It adds some much needed simplicity to my skincare routine. I’m always experimenting with serums and creams but croon and sunscreen are the backbone of everything. I thought having to launder them might be annoying but it’s no big deal at all.
After the first use, I was HOOKED. Croon is incredibly easy to use & does an unbelievable job at removing my makeup!! I am so happy to bid goodbye to always using cleanser, cotton rounds, & witch hazel to get the job done! My skin, my budget, & my life are all better thanks to stumbling upon this product; I'm never going back. P.S. - I never leave reviews, so just know this is the real deal.
I travel a lot for work and when I’m on the road I hate using disposable makeup wipes, or I’ll use cotton rounds and makeup remover, but either way sometimes I forget to refill my stash when I’m home, plus it’s a pain to take all the liquid of makeup remover through tsa all the time. When I heard about croon I thought it would probably be too good to be true, but I bought it on impulse and it’s the best impulse buy I’ve ever made 😂 I absolutely love it! I will never go back to regular makeup-removing methods. It’s convenient, it’s better for the environment, it’s less expensive than having to constantly refill on my other wipes/rounds/liquid. Thank you Croon for making such a perfect product!
It works a bit better than cleansing wipes, but not as well as face soap and water. It’s handy though, and I like how quick and easy it is to use.
These things are great! The only reason I don’t give it the full 5 stars is because it’s a little expensive for what it is…. you can easily get the same results with using a regular microfiber towel or washcloth. But nonetheless I like it and it gets the job done!
Croon is amazing. As a constant traveler I love the fact I can throw one in my bad and go. It has the best cleaning power!
These are my go to for a quick and easy face scrub after my morning workouts. I am so happy to be able to ditch the disposable wipes I was using previously! My skin looks and feels great!
I have been using the Croon (& previously Enjo) face washer for over 5 years. I use it with cold water only and it has always taken off all my makeup and sunscreen. It is amazing and great for skin. As well, a great travel buddy.
Croon is an absolute game changer in skin care and makeup routine. My face just feels healthier and I break out less since I've started using them. I don't throw anything away, I don't have to buy fancy expensive makeup remover products; it's just awesome. Simple is better. And they WORK, too! They'll scrub off plastered on stage makeup without hurting my skin. I will probably use these until I die.
These are amazing! So gentle on the skin and eyes. Removes all traces of makeup even water proof mascara. They are also so easy to clean and comes with a wash bag so you can throw them in with your laundry. I also like to incorporate these with other skin products in my routine such as a makeup melter to make a double cleanse technique which has really saved me so much time! I highly recommend these.
Absolutely obsessed with croon! I was skeptical if it would really get all my makeup off and literally within 1 swipe it was all gone! The main reason I bought this was because of the waste that comes with makeup remover wipes! It takes a 100 years for 1 makeup whip to decompose! That’s insane! I will never go back! Thanks croons for creating your company your truly changing this world!
If You Care about your skin, the environment, supporting a great company, and absolutely being amazed at every use... this is your product!! Being a skin freak but stepping into the makeup world I was very cautious about using any makeup remover or disturbing my skin from being too rough. Thankfully I stumbled upon Croon and I couldn’t be happier. I have given away and introduced these to many people and they absolutely adore them too. Can’t wait for you to become a Crooner!
It works amazing I can save on using so much product to remove my make up . I like to use just water first and take it all out and add some cleanser and clean my face at the end with product , saves you money and product!
I am over the moon about Croon! I have tried several "makeup remover" towels in the past, but they were always too scratchy and didn't take off my own long-wearing makeup. I recently heard about Croon while assisting another artist and she had completely replaced makeup wipes and cotton pads in her kit with Croon pads! I got to watch her work with it and how her client's skin looked before and after. She used it to remove all the waterproof makeup on her palette and her hands. It was amazing! I bought an All-In set for my kit immediately! They clean so easily and I can do it by hand when I'm at jobs if needed! I now have an Essentials kit for at home use and my clients/models love the All-In "Waves collection" I use on them. A must buy for anyone, artists included!
I was gifted one from a set and they really work. It gets all my makeup off and doesn’t irritate my skin.
I love my Croon so much that I'm now buying them for gifts! I love that they're so easy to use and that they make my skin feel and look amazing! Having something that's reusable is wonderful! I hope that you'll come up with travel size and offer little laundry bags for sale on your site sometime soon! Keep up the good work, I LOVE your product!!!
I bought my first set in May of 2019 because I wanted a new way to clean my makeup off without using one of those wasteful wipes. I fell in love with the first use. I usually had to use 2 or 3 wipes just to get my makeup sort of off. Not only did one cleanser croon take off all my makeup, it cleaned my pores with only one rinse. I don't have to use any systems now and my pores have decreased in size. I've even gotten the family to try them. I had to buy a set for my nephew and Mom so they would stop stealing mine!
Never have I looked forward to washing my face as I do now that I have a Croon! I was a skeptic at first but it not only works, it feels so good on your skin. I highly recommend the exfoliating croon as well – it’s like heaven!!
I am using croon now for about 3 weeks and I can say that I am in love with it ❤️ It saves me time and it's efficient. It takes off my make up of the day in a sec and it exfoliates my skin. My face looks so fresh even at the end of a long working day. I apply my regular oils and moisturizer after that and it feels great!
I even enjoy washing it afterward... on top of all this everything is reusable from the product itself to the entire packaging. Totally recommend it!
Croon has helped me to eliminate costly and wasteful products that were causing chemical damage to my skin. With Croon, I always feel that my skin looks bright, clean and buffed! I feel better about using it because it makes an environmental impact AND because it works!! It’s so great that I bought one for my mom, who has always used disposable face wipes, and even she is hooked!! Can’t say enough amazing things about this product!
I actually won a giveaway and got these and I cannot believe how much I use them. They are wonderful for the am/pm face washing. My husband now has them and we use them on our newborn baby. Love these!!
I love it so much that I have been sending this as a gift to my daughters and friends.
Croon has helped me to eliminate costly and wasteful products that were causing chemical damage to my skin. With Croon, I always feel that my skin looks bright, clean and buffed! I feel better about using it because it makes an environmental impact AND because it works!! It’s so great that I bought one for my mom, who has always used disposable face wipes, and even she is hooked!! Can’t say enough amazing things about this product!
I use my croon every night. They remove my eye makeup which is the toughest make-up to remove. I wash daily in my washing machine and air dry. I haven’t had to throw one out yet..keeps on working.
I don’t know what I’d do without my Croon! I love them! And they make the best gifts! Thank you for making these, they’ve changed my life!!!
Not going to lie: I was very skeptical at first! I did not think such a simple little cloth could remove the amount of make up I wear, since I am a professional actor & dancer. Stage make up is very heavy! However, this stuff really works! Croon is amazing. I am able to remove all of my make up, including mascara, with these. I don’t even use or purchase make up removing wipes anymore! I don’t use soap with it either. I just wash my face after removing. Works so well!
I use Croon to remove my make-up including mascara every day. My daughter introduced me to this product a year ago and I was delighted to say goodbye to cotton balls and make-up remover. I keep one in my travel kit and it is much easier than travel size cleansers and removers. My white washcloths thank you as well!
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