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Our Story

Our journey started six years ago when we were getting ready to welcome our daughter, Scarlett, into our lives. We started paying attention to the labels on the products that we used and thought “Why are we putting harsh chemicals and toxins onto our skin — that we can’t even pronounce — to remove dirt and impurities?”

After a lot of research, we ended up with more questions than when we started which just ran us in circles. Until we discovered a simpler way.

Hello, Croon!

Croon is a reusable facial microfiber that cleanses, exfoliates, and removes makeup with just water. Its exclusive composition of wedge-shaped microfibers received the highest 5-star certification for safety and efficacy from Dermatest® and has been tested and shown to remove dirt and bacteria, even skin tone, and reduce pore size without any harsh chemicals.

We’ve made the change to croon because we care about what we put on our skin and the footprint we leave on our planet. And we know you care too. Try our croon cleansing and exfoliating microfibers today and share your story with us.

We thank you.

Your skin will thank you.

The planet thanks you too.

100% carbon neutral production
no nasty chemicals
5-star dermatest® rating

Do more with less.

How clean are your skin cleansers?