Marriott Barony Beach vs Grande Ocean: A Luxurious Showdown

Choosing a fantastic location is only the first step in organizing a trip of a lifetime. Choosing the right hotel can make or break a vacation, and when discussing high-end resorts, Marriott Barony Beach vs Grande Ocean are two names that usually come up. Both of these Hilton Head Island resorts put you right on the beach, but they do it in very different ways. To help you select between the Marriott Barony Beach and the Grande Ocean, we’ve included a detailed comparison of the two.

Location and Scenery

The Marriott Barony Beach vs Grande Ocean is a luxurious resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, just on the beachfront of the Atlantic Ocean. The resort is located right on the beach and provides breathtaking views of the ocean. Relaxing by the shore or taking long walks around the coast are great ways to spend a day.

The beachside location of Grande Ocean on Hilton Head Island is equally stunning. The breathtaking Atlantic Ocean vistas and easy access to the sand are also available. Golf courses, retail malls, and restaurants can all be found within a short drive of both resorts.


Villas with one or two bedrooms are among the many spacious lodging options at Marriott Barony Beach. Each villa has a washer and dryer, a full kitchen, a separate living room, a balcony or patio, and a fully furnished dining room. The furnishings are sophisticated and up-to-date, making for a posh and relaxing stay.

Villas with one or two bedrooms are available at Grande Ocean, and both are luxuriously decorated. Grande Ocean offers completely furnished apartments with all the conveniences of a home and the privacy of a balcony or patio.

The choice between these two resorts, both of which provide high-quality amenities, comes down to personal taste.


At the Marriott Barony Beach, you may take advantage of the resort’s many convenient features. There are many outdoor pools and a whirlpool spa for your use and relaxation. The exercise facility has state-of-the-art machinery, and guests may choose from a number of fun extras including tennis courts and bicycle rentals. In addition, there is a convenience shop right there for you to stock up on snacks and toiletries.

Grande Ocean has an equally luxurious collection of features. Every member of your group, no matter their age, will be able to enjoy a refreshing swim in one of the several outdoor pools available. The resort also has a game room, a tennis court, and a fitness facility. Grande Ocean goes above and above by providing visitors with scheduled excursions and other unique experiences.

Dining Options

There is no on-site restaurant at Marriott Barony Beach vs Grande Ocean, but guests can order room service or prepare their own meals in the fully equipped kitchens of their own villas. The resort is also conveniently situated for experiencing Hilton Head Island’s eclectic eating options.

If you’d rather eat without leaving the resort, you’ll appreciate Grande Ocean’s on-site restaurant. The Palmetto Market is open for breakfast and lunch, so it’s a good choice for a quick bite to eat. Both the Marriott Barony Beach and the Grande Ocean are conveniently located close to a wide range of restaurants serving up delicious regional specialties.

Activities and Entertainment

Activities at the Marriott Barony Beach vs Grande Ocean vary from kayaking and paddleboarding to island exploration via bicycle rental. The Kids’ Club provides supervised activities for children, allowing their parents some much-needed downtime.

When it comes to planned events, Grande Ocean is second to none. Vacationers looking for a resort with a full calendar of activities, including art courses, exercise sessions, and more, will like this one.

Spa and Wellness

There is a spa at the Marriott Barony Beach where you can get massages and other treatments to help you relax. The spa’s tranquil setting and trained therapists make it a haven for rest and rejuvenation.

While there isn’t a spa on-site at Grande Ocean, guests may still take advantage of spa treatments without leaving their villa.

Value for Money

The total package, including lodging, services, and convenience to the traveler’s destination, should be taken into account when evaluating prices. You can’t go wrong with either the Marriott Barony Beach vs Grande Ocean, but your decision will ultimately come down to your vacation budget and priorities.


There is no obvious victor between the Marriott Barony Beach vs Grande Ocean. Each resort provides first-rate services and facilities to ensure that guests have a memorable vacation. It all boils down to individual tastes and priorities while planning a holiday.

Marriott Barony Beach is a great alternative for those in search of a more relaxed ambiance and who are open to trying restaurants in the surrounding area. However, Grande Ocean may be a better option if you’re looking for a resort with a lively social scene, scheduled events, and a full-service restaurant.

Whichever option you go with, you’re guaranteed to have a terrific vacation on Hilton Head Island, full of fun and relaxation.


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