Ezra Alvarez of Derry, New Hampshire: A Life Remembered

ezra alvarez obituary derry nh
ezra alvarez obituary derry nh

ezra alvarez obituary derry nh

Derry, New Hampshire – Ezra Alvarez, a brilliant young man in Derry and beyond, went unexpectedly suddenly at the age of 17. Ezra, born in Baldwin Park, California on April 14, 2006, defined his life through his love of football, his dedication to his studies, and the unwavering support of his family and friends.

Early Years and Football Passion

Ezra probably first displayed the resiliency, drive, and kind spirit that would come to characterize him during his formative years in Montebello, California. In Utah, Ezra was exposed to his first love of football. He put on his first football uniform at the tender age of eight, beginning a journey that would forever change the lives of those who knew him.

A Football Star on Both Sides

Throughout his football career, Ezra was a part of several teams, including Copper Hills, Brighton High, A-game Elite, and Utah Pioneers. He wasn’t just a player; he was a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball, proving that size was no match for his immense heart and dedication. He spent countless hours honing his skills on and off the field, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport he loved.

Leadership and Education

Ezra’s drive to succeed wasn’t limited to the football field. He had lifelong benefits from his time at Utah Military Academy, where he developed as a leader. The friendships he developed with his professors and classmates lasted long after he had graduated.

New Beginnings in Derry

Ezra and his family settled in the lovely New Hampshire town of Derry last year. He enrolled at Pinkerton Academy and quickly became a starting defensive back for the school’s football team, the Pinkerton Academy Astros. The impression that Ezra had on his classmates and educators was immediate and enduring.

A Multifaceted Individual

Ezra’s interests and pastimes extended well beyond sports. He was talented at constructing elaborate Star Wars Lego sets, loved the excitement of video games, and kept physically fit by going to the gym often. His love of football led him to compete in flag football and 7v7 tournaments. His mastery of sports statistics was unparalleled, and he was always up for a debate over the most recent contest.

A Heart Full of Kindness

His friends loved seeing Ezra laugh because of his wonderful sense of humor. He exemplified the very best of humanity with his innate propensity to protect others in his immediate vicinity. Jordan Alvarez, his sister, has happy memories of his taunting and the closeness they enjoyed.

Family and Community

Those left behind include Tiffany Baker and Daniel Marshall, his parents; his sister, Jordan; his grandmother, Sally Gutierrez; his aunt, Brenda Ramirez; his cousins, Benjamin, JW, and Thomas Ramirez; his great-grandfather, Raymond Gutierrez; and a plethora of other relatives and friends from Ezra’s time on the football field.

A Lasting Legacy

Those who had the good fortune to cross paths with Ezra will carry his memory with them always. He was a brilliant young guy with a heart of gold and a laugh that could make anybody smile. His death has left a gap that will never be filled, but he will live on in our hearts and minds as an inspiration to work hard and love deeply.

Final Farewell

ezra alvarez obituary derry nh

Celebration of life plans for Ezra will be shared soon. Instead of sending flowers, Ezra’s family would appreciate contributions to [Cause or Charity] in his honour.

You may be gone, Ezra Alvarez, but you are not forgotten. The affection of people who knew and cared for you will keep your memory alive.

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